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This site started as a photographic celebration of the beauty and craftsmanship that were once found in automotive design. Here you will find photos of both shiny and not-so-shiny cars from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. They now live in junk yards, back yards, museums, and are (occasionally!) still on the road.

A natural extension of that theme was to look beyond just cars, to all of the other things that used to be made with the same care and artistry that are so sadly lacking in our modern disposable-product world.

In the “Survivors” Gallery, the detail and artistry of the cars are shown as they would have looked when the car was new. The “Ghosts” Gallery shows many of the same car models which have been exposed to the ravages of time and weather. However, rather than surrendering their artistic qualities, the designs acquire even more beauty and character. The "Americana" Gallery contains all of the other non-car things (even a few motorcycles) that I find just as photo-worthy.

Click one of the photos below to go to the corresponding Gallery, or simply scroll down to see a few of my favorites. Enjoy!





I take photos of other things too. Click here to have a look!

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